Why just stretch when you can save the world? Learn to practice and teach yoga to transform your life — and your world. 

We strongly believe anyone who practices yoga should complete a top-notch yoga training program. Every student needs to educate themselves in order both to protect themselves and to develop self-agency. 

Acclaimed teacher Kelly Morris combines her 20+ year experience in the Indian and Tibetan Yoga traditions with her profound love of Q'ero shamanism to offer a truly authentic and comprehensive yoga teacher training program.

Held in the heart of New York City, the program unites a world-renowned faculty, a hands-on approach, and the collective strength of individuals determined to radically reinvent themselves and their world.

Learn how to use the practice of Yoga for its ultimate intention, to end suffering and cultivate more joy than you ever thought possible!




24 hours a day, our mind makes a mistake that gives birth to every unhappiness we have ever known: the mistake of thinking that our world and everything in it, including ourselves, is "out there," with some nature of its own that's separate from us and our perceptions... we think that the world happens TO us.

The practice of yoga, in all of its aspects, reverses this mistake by employing the wisdom of the ancients: every single person, place, and thing we experience is only the result of our karma.  

What this means is that our world is actually coming FROM us, so we in fact have the power to change it and create our own experiences. We can be more than just victims of "luck", "chance," and "circumstance." When we fail to realize this elementary truth, that our minds are "turning things around," our lives are plagued with the frustrations and unhappiness that most of us experience every day; everything from the irritation of missing the train to the deep sadness of losing a loved one.

By combining the practice of Wisdom with that of Asana (postures), we begin to understand that while our yoga practice may not end wars, stop cancer and save the whales it does change the way we experience those events and the way we relate to them. Ultimately, through the practice of Yoga we can change our minds, our bodies, and our worlds.






The 8 Limbs of Yoga

  1. The Yamas: the ethical and moral restraints that prevent the creation of negative karma
  2. The Niyamas: the ethical and moral freedoms that ensure the creation of positive karma 
  3. Asana: the physical postures through which the practitioner's ethical and moral life is made tangible (what most people think of as "yoga")
  4. Pranayama: the breath and prana instructions that allow the practitioner to move inwards and upwards
  5. Pratyahara: the invisible but profound shift from outer awareness to inner quietude
  6. Dharana: the unsteady maintenance of holy concentration
  7. Dhyana: the steady maintenance of that concentration
  8. Samadhi: the uninterrupted state of that concentration

The 12 Elements of Conquering Lion Yoga


  1. The 8 Limbs of Yoga: as outlined by Master Patanjali (see above)
  2. Yoga Sutra: as outlined by Master Patanjali
  3. Kriyas: the cleansing practices of yoga
  4. Sanskrit: the inner sound of yoga
  5. Sequencing: the outward dance of creation
  6. Alignment: making sure everything's where it should be
  7. Hands-on Assisting: skillfully moving the subtle energy of another
  8. How to Give Kick-Ass "Lion's Love": love without sex: the art of in-class, one-on-one personal assists
  9. Subtle Body Anatomy: are you a being of flesh and blood, or a being of light? Up to you
  10. Physical Body Anatomy: the flesh, the blood and the bones
  11. Mantras and Chanting: working with your inner winds/prana simply by surrendering to the holy syllables of the Divine
  12. Community: continuing your studies and working as a yoga teacher in New York City



The next Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training program runs from May 2014 - November 2014.  Click here for the complete list of dates. 



The total cost of the 300-Hour Teacher Training program is $4000 if paid at time of acceptance, $4500 if paid in installments. Please inquire about payment plans if interested.

Enrollment comes with heavily discounted classes at The Shala Yoga Studio in both Union Square and Fort Greene, Brooklyn.